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New: an online Bible study group on Discipleship see menu item on left.

During the social distancing period for the corona virus pandemic North Buckingham Parish is recording our Sunday Services. Each new Sunday service is available below from 9.00 am on the Sunday onwards. Here are a number of our services including our most recent service and those for Easter, Mothering Sunday and the 29th March. Our Holy week services may be found here. If you are with young children you may wish to see our school assembly videos which are here.

Audio CDs of these services are available for anyone who would like to hear our services but cannot see these videos, if you would like on, or know of someone who would like one, please contact us through our telephone number 01280 824 430

Because there is a high demand for videos you may get the best results from selecting under Settings (the cogwheel at the bottom picture), Quality, 480p:














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