This might well become one of the most different Christmas celebrations many of us might have ever had. Even in desperate times people were able to find comfort and encouragement with each other during celebrations usch as Christmas, but this year is really different.

The whole situation seems to have some comparisons with the nativity, portrayed to us in so many different forms each Christmas. The story begins with the traveling of Joseph and Mary who were trying to find family members to stay with after their arrival in Bethlehem. Although, Joseph came originally from Bethlehem, he couldn’t find a place to stay. How many of our family members do we have to leave outside this Christmas as they’re not allowed to be welcomed in.

he story of the birth of Jesus also happened in a time of uncertainty and whereas the Romans were occupying the Israelite country, our country now seems occupied by a virus. At the birth of Jesus many were expecting a final solution to the occupation of the land through the inauguration of the Kingdom of God. At this moment in time, many are seeing the final solution to eliminate the virus occupying our country through the arrival of a long awaited vaccine.

Once Jesus safely arrived, the angels sung and the shepherds and the wise men came in adoration to the child as they knew their time of oppression had come to an end. Even so in this day and age, once the rumours of vaccine have materialised, the stock-markets and business –(insiders) are jumping and praising in exaltation as the end of misery is finally in sight. 

Although, the divine story of God among humanity is not something which resembles with anything in our human history, it still it is has an interface with our human story. It is the expectation of an eridication of misery and the fulfilment of what has been longed for for a long time. As much as we long for a return to normal, so is the the birth of Jesus the return to a relationship with God. A relationship that was broken through disobedience and denial of God's command. Jesus Christ was born to reinstate that relationship by becoming human and restoring our relationship with God for all those who want to accept it.

The birth of Jesus Christ has an everlasting impact on our world, because it is the ultimate event of God reaching out to us. All human stories will once come to an end, but the story of a saving God reaching out to us, is the only one which provides an ultimate and everlasting hope and future.