All Buckingham households in our Parish will receive a letter about what the church can do for those living in our parish, beginning Tuesday 7 April. Those living in Maids Moreton already received a letter from the parish and church council together. We already received quite a few phonecalls (up to 4 a day) from those living in the parish requesting some support in shopping's or collecting prescriptions, or other inquiries. The letter (here underneath) to all Buckingham housholds explains it further.



Dear Reader,

As the situation around the Corona Covid-19 outbreak appears to continue with restrictions about our moving around, we want to inform you about the support your Parish church at Maids Moreton can give you.

The office in St. Edmunds church functions as a community hub for dealing with requests for help and support where ever needed, for example, we can help with shopping or collecting prescriptions. 

Also, if you are feeling isolated and would like someone to talk to we would be happy to listen.

The office cannot be open as per directive by the Authorities, but you can leave a message on the answer-phone by calling (01280) 814430 in the office or send an email request to the address given on our Facebook account, or to the email address on our new website at

Several times per day we will listen to messages left on the answer phone and we will call you back, or reply to your email at the earliest opportunity.

We will always do our best to help, but if we are unable to because of Governmental guidance or because we’re not in a position to support you, we will forward your request to other organisations who may be in a position to help.

For any other information about what your Parish church can offer you, please have a look at our website:

If we can be of any help you, pease do not hesitate to ask us.