The gospel reading from John 20, begins with telling us that it was the first day of the week. Some see in here a reference to a new beginning which happened with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A new beginning that is the central theme of the Easter message. Death has always been the end and it still is in our earthly reality.I

In recalling the resurrection John mentions Maria standing on her own at the grave. And while she was in tears she looked into the tomb and she found two messengers of God dressed in white sitting where the body of Jesus had lain. But then she noticed there is someone else and in her grief she believes it is the gardener. She turns herself to him and the person asks, as it is written in the Greek; Woman, why do you weep, who do you seek? Mary thinking it is the gardener, or keeper of the graves, she asks: Lord, if you have laid Him somewhere else, tell me where you put Him and I will take Him away. 

After her question Jesus calls her by own name and in recognising Him, their relationship is restored. Questions about why, how or what are overtaken by the emotions and the restoration of the relation of what first seemed definitely broken by the finality of death.

Over the ages questions has been asked why John mentions explicitly Mary calling the gardener, Lord? Kurios as it is in the Greek is a commonly used title, but is also the title for the person with the highest authority. John plays similar tricks with words like in John 4 with the healing of the official’s son, but some see in here a greater meaning.

When this dialogue between Jesus and Mary takes place in the garden of the tomb, it resembles with what happened in the garden of Eden. In this garden both Adam and Eve lived with God, until they choose to go their own way and disobeyed God’s one and only commandment. Now here in this garden the relationship between God and humanity has been restored with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not through a mere man, but through the obedience of the Kurios, the Lord Jesus Christ. His resurrection is the vindication of Him being the means of reconciliation between God and each one of us.