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Posts from 2022-02-02

The Normal World

The last few years have been disturbing for many people and we now have to get back into a ‘normal, new normal’. It probably will take a while before we’re accustomed again to how it was before, and it might never become as before. Not to mention those who have suffered or are bereaved because they have lost family members or friends over the last few years.

For the one the new situation will mean a loss, for another it could mean a challenge, and for another it might even be exciting. The difference in our personalities causes us all to approach the new situation differently and what is good or bad is now like the proverbial ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’. 

What we call either good or bad is an ethical question and only humans can make such decisions. Animals do not have the ability to make choices between good and bad, because they have no ethical considerations. This shows the superiority of humanity over animals, something which is clearly explained in the Bible. God created humans to control and lord over the earth, but herein lies the obligation for us to govern the world with care.

It’s remarkable however, that at the one hand we see States and leaders pushing for care and good governance for our world in ever renewed protocols and vows, while on the other hand weapons and armies are send by the same States and leaders all over the world to fight. The amount of energy spoiled, and pollution created, by such actions couldn’t it not better be used for people’s normal day to day living?

When we are going back to ‘normal’ again, it appears to be the same old normal in war mongering and hot headed debates without end as ever. If, however, we really want a new normal, perhaps we should look to our ethics again and remember of what is called good or bad. And once we know what is meant by good how much energy do we put into doing what is good and stop doing what is bad.

A new normal can only be created by ourselves and, as it looks like, nothing has changed and even in times of worries, wars and preparations for wars continue as usual. When the new normal is the same old normal as before, it’s further evidence of what the Bible tells us, that God send His Christ into the world not to condemn it, but to save us, because humanity can’t do it by themselves.   

Our church services provide the moments in which we do not glorify ourselves, but become aware that real change and a new normal is only possible through faith and trust in God. The God, Who has revealed Himself through Christ, so that we may have life in fulness and peace. 

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