When you look for sermons on our reading from John 20 from :19 to the end of this gospel, you’ll find many are about Thomas and his unbelief. However, the story shows that the disciples were not having much more faith than Thomas; they weren’t great believers either. 

It says that on the evening of that day they were shut inside because of fear. Although in the morning they were told the Lord has risen, it didn’t brought them great happiness. Instead, they were behind locked doors because of fear. And in the midst of their fear, hiding behind locked doors; Jesus comes in their midst and says; Peace be with you.   

One of the most remarkable things in the story is that Jesus is not saying to the disciples; have I not told You I would rise on the 3rd day, so why didn’t you believe? There’s no accusation of unbelief or reproach by Jesus when He sees His friends again for the fist time after His resurrection. The first time He sees them again, His first words to them are; Peace be with you.  

Today in the fear of the outbreak of the Corona virus and many are locked inside in their homes, in fear of the virus, Jesus wants to stand in your midst speaking the same words again; Peace be with you. Jesus will not reproach us when we fall in doubt or show signs of unbelief. He’s not saying to us; why didn’t you belief? His words to all those who invite Jesus in their lives are the simple words; Peace be with you. It might sound a simple sentence, but the depth of these words reaches an enormous reservoir of peace, hope, trust and any other comfort we might ever need that only God can give.  

Peace be with you Jesus says; a peace of God no one and nothing else can provide.   

His peace be with you.